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Memorial created 04-5-2007 by
karen hinds
Christina Ann Hinds
June 30 1985 - March 18 2007




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Happy Halloween Christina, you are thought of every day, we miss you so much. I know this is one of your favorite times of the year. Watching all the kids getting dressed up and going trick and treat. We Love You so much........


Dear Christina, Happy Thanksgiving- below is my letter to you as we light a candle in your memory and remember how precious you will always be, everyone has written an letter and it will be heard as the candle flickers and you can hear.... Dear Christina, Hello? My dear daughter. I have been missing all the times we spent together. You were always there for me and for that i will always appreciate you so much. I don't know why God finally decided it was your time to have all the suffering to end? I don't understand why God decided it was time when we got to Florida and not wait till we got home. Part of me died with you, I am trying really hard to find the new me. It is so painful and hard to wake up and not seeing your smiling face. It has been 8 months since I saw your beautiful face, It has been 8 months since I kissed your beautiful face. It has been 8 months since we said our good-byes. It has been 8 months since I held you against me and told you be free and go to your new life, just let go and go home to heaven. And you held me back and said Mom the hardest part is to let you go. I just don't want to leave you. I do agree with you I never wanted you to leave me either. I just want you back here with me. We all lost so much and miss you so much. Love Mom


Letter from Dad: Happy Thanksgiving Christina. As you know this thanksgiving is not the happy family holiday it normally is. We are still grieving our loss of you. Even though you're not here in body you are here in spirit and you left a piece of yourself in all of our hearts. You took a little piece of each of our hearts with you. Since this is thanksgiving I am going to finish my letter to you with a list of things we do have to give thanks for. We thank god for our family. We thank god for the 21 years we had with you, even though it was not nearly enough. We thank god for heaven because we know that if we ask god he will let us spend eternity with you when we get there. The last one of the too many blessings we have is like a double edge sword. I thank god that you are perfect in heaven, with no more suffering or feelings of self conciousness. The other edge is that we are suffering your loss. We loved you not in spite of your disease, but because of how positive and happy you remained through it all. I Love You Happy Thanksgiving. P.S. Tell Grandma Ruth we love and miss her too. Love, Dad


From Megan: Hope You Know I think I've been holding it all inside deep down hoping your really not gone. I know that doesn't make much sense but I'm not ready for all that to be said and done. There are so many questions and no answers Are you alright know? Are you at all? Did I help you when you where here was it easier to answer your call? Left here to wonder why or if I have any right. To be as lost as I am. When you are the one who suffered so and had to leave when the time came. I can only hope I did right by you. I gave you some comfort and love to you. When you needed it. I Love You and miss you if your watching from above. I Love You So Much Megan....


From Zachary: Dear Christina, I miss you. I miss when we played games. When i talk about you I feel sad. Happy Thanksgiving Christina, Love Zachary


From Kaitlyn: Dear Christina, I love you christina, I really miss you, I never got to say good bye sissy. I really cried when you died. I really cry like eleven times. I miss you everyday sissy, every day is an bad day I love you. Christina i wish you could come back. I Love You the most Love Kaitlyn


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