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Memorial created 04-5-2007 by
karen hinds
Christina Ann Hinds
June 30 1985 - March 18 2007

megan and kaitlyn

We love you christina and miss you more than we thought possible. I hope you are not suffering and dancing around the clouds, and god freed you of all the suffering and pain you felt here on earth. Love Megan and Kaitlyn


zachary with taz our maltese

christina I Love you and i wish we could of had more time with you but we visit you often and pray every sunday that you are in an better place. All the veterans on memorial day got a flag on there grave so i thought you need one and mom got one that i placed on your grave. Love Zachary



We love you christina everyday is the hardest to live on without you, we miss the times you baby sat us, cooked us special treats, watched t.v. with us and just was there for us, there will never be an time that we dont miss you it is not fair we need to go to the grave to feel you close WE LOVE YOU MEGAN, ZACHARY AND KAITLYN


We miss you christina and halloween was not the same, with you not being here, We love you and miss you terribly..... MEGAN...... ZACHARY.... KAITLYN....


Our little Vampire Kaitlyn wants you to know how much she misses and loves you. Kaitlyn sent you up an birthday balloon so you could be an part of her birthday.


Christina, Kaitlyn wanted to lite this candle and she feels you around her everyday. At times she is scared but she knows her sissy is with her always. She loves you dearly and misses you so much. I Love you so much christina. Your Sis, Kaitlyn


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Christina and zachary were so happy, at chuck E cheese it was Kaitlyn's 7th Birthday. October 06


Christina and Kaitlyn at her 7th Birthday and so happy with her sissy. October 06


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