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karen hinds
Christina Ann Hinds
June 30 1985 - March 18 2007

This special thanks is to Glenn Hinds, Christina's Dad and the words are written by christina. THANKS Most people have a person who completes their world. This is also true for me. A man come into my life when i was three years old, he hasnt left yet. His name is Glenn Allen Hinds he is now my stepfather. I am thankful i have had a male influence because it is what i needed. My biological father has been in and out of my life for many years but the one man who isnt my father has never left my side,even when i was first diagnosed with scleroderma. I owe my life to him. I can't even imagine him out of my life. If anything happened to this guy i would be forever heartbroken. I met Glenn when I was 3 years old. He married my Mom. I didnt like the idea at first. By the time i was 5 years old they were divorced. One thing came good out of this marriage it was a little brother named Justin. When they first got divorced Glenn had visitation with Justin and he suggested to my Mom that he took me also because i had no father who cared for me. The few times my biological father came into my life he was furious i spent time with Glenn. Glenn's family treated me as a blood relative not as a stepchild. Glenn would even introduce me as his daughter. I visited Glenn every weekend until I was 12 years old. When I turned 12 years old my Mom and Glenn decided to get remarried. This wasn't something i wanted. I tried my hardest to get Glenn to hate me, but it never worked. Glenn has always been there for me. I am glad he treats me like a real daughter. If he sees an old friend he tells him about all his kids and that includes me and my sister megan. Without Glenn i would not have many of the things i have today. My biological father never paid child support for me and my sister megan. I am very thankful I am a different person than I would have been if i had no male role model in my life. It might be funny to say this but it is true Glenn has paved the way for my future. My brothers and sisters say that i am Daddy's little girl because Glenn lets me get away with alot more than the other kids do. I do believe this is true. I am glad that i have someone who i share this special bond with. I believe we will be forever connected. Now i am not saying we have a perfect relationship but it's better than most father and daughter relationship. Sometimes he can get on my nerves so much that i just hate him so much. He always plays around to much. Sometimes he acts more like a brother than an father. Just like a father he is protective of me. He really looks out for me when i need him to. He knows when a friend is playing with me, or even when he knows i am in the wrong and he tells me that every decision has a consequence. Again, he does do things that annoy me so much like watching the history channel, his corny jokes, winning over my friends, making fun of my short shirts and short shorts. But i guess this is just the normal everyday DAD stuff. The thing most of him that I Love is the way he treats me like I am his daughter, the way we have our adult conversations, and mostly for just being there. Glenn is an big guy but when you get to know him he is just an loveable teddy bear. I really wish Glenn could know is that i appreciate all of his time and effort he has given me over the years. THANKS DAD I(christina's mom) would like to add one final message to this, I thank the day i married glenn he is the most wonderful father and husband out there. Christina had one final wish to Glenn adopt her before she passed away and we were getting the paperwork filed, but it didnt happen. This song that is playing christina picked it out for her funeral because glenn is an over the road truck driver and she was always afraid he would never make it back before she passed away. He was right with us when she passed away in orlando, florida. Here is my final gift to Christina and Glenn her headstone will bear Christina Hinds so she will be his daughter forever. I LOVE YOU BOTH


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