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Memorial created 04-5-2007 by
karen hinds
Christina Ann Hinds
June 30 1985 - March 18 2007

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07-09-2012 3:24 AM -- By: Elissa,  From: Atlanta  

 What an absolutely beautiful person.  Be comforted and assured that altough you may not see Christina right now, she certainly still lives- healthy and whole with our Savior.  May the beautiful memories of her on earth and the hopeful expectation of seeing her in heaven bring you peace and happiness!  Thank you for sharing Christina's story.  She'll never be forgotten.

05-29-2012 11:53 PM -- By: Paul Lalinde,  From: Boston, MA  

I see your face and I see the face of an angel. I am sure that is what you are right now sitting next to God.

My wife of 35 years has been living with systemic scleroderma for the last 3 years and everyday has seemed like a new and worst struggle with this awful disease.

Thank you Christina for making us realize how lucky we really are. Our life has been blessed with good health, a good marriage, two wonderful children and grandchildren. We thought we controlled our own destiny untill now. God had other plans for us too Christina.

May God always bless you and your family.

06-30-2011 10:02 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Happy Birthday christina,

We love and miss you very much. Today you would have been 26 imagine that, I miss our girl talks, your bright shining face lighting any place you would go. Send us some of your hugs we sure miss them

Love, Mom

05-07-2011 11:38 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Good Evening my shining star,

Tomorrow is Mothers Day. This marks the 4th mother's day, father's day, easter, christmas, thanksgiving and so many other holidays you are not here with me. So much has past and lost, and i sure thing remains the same how i much i miss and love you so much.

Everyone believes that we are all fine, but are we, do they see the nights i lay awoke thinking about you, missing you and let the tears freely flow, the hurt isnt so raw, but no less it is still there and will always be wanting you here, missing you and loving you from a far.

I love you christina,

Love, Mom

03-19-2011 12:02 AM -- By: ,  From:  

My dear christina,

Today marks 4 years god called you home. He saw a special angel he needed in heaven. I miss our special time to together, i miss my best friend i miss my daughter. We had many talks before our cruise and no we will never forget you as you feared. You are always on our mind, in our hearts and forever will love you and miss you



03-18-2011 11:44 PM -- By: ,  From: fla.  

Angel day blessings to you sweetheart, what a precious smile you have. Keep smiling!

03-18-2011 4:21 PM -- By: Dana ,  From: Northern ,NY.  


Sending love and prayers to you today

on Christina's First Angelversary.

I know it will be one of the most difficult days of

your life, and I pray that God will uphold you

and bless you with His love, peace, comfort, and strength.

May you feel Christina's eternal love for you surrounding you,

and may she send you a special sign today.


Love and hugs,Dana



03-18-2011 1:41 PM -- By: Kme,  From:  

Christina's story show how caring people really are.  It's very sad that she only fulfilled part of her dream, but she left this Earth knowing that so many people loved her enough to TRY to make it happen.  she HAD to pass away with that beautiful smile on her face.  May she continue to Rest in a greater Paradise than that Disney Cruise ever could have been... Heaven.  (RIP)

06-30-2010 9:14 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Happy 25th Birthday my sweet angel,

How i wish so many times you were here so we could have our wonderful talks, laugh, and just be together. You are so loved and missed so much. I hope you caught the balloons we sent you especially mine-lol.

Love you


06-30-2010 7:52 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Happy Birthday Christina

Thank you for sharing Christina, her life, her spirit and the great love you share. Her life is truely an inspiration.


05-09-2010 9:42 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hello My Sweet Angel,

Today is Mother's Day and i have thought about you all day today and aching for you to be here with me. I know you are flying high in the sky sending all your love right to me. I love you with all my heart. Meet me in my dreams.



03-18-2010 7:43 AM -- By: mom,  From: michigan  


Hello there my beautiful angel,

Today marks the 3rd angel date that god released you from all your pain and suffer and you have found a wonderful afterlife free of pain and suffer and only happy, bright, days. True to our words we spoke to you we could never forget you as you thought, me, dad, zachary and kaitlyn placed a beautiful cala lilies and roses arrangement on your resting place on saturday as dad was home and wanted to place them early so he can send prayers up to you. Today me and kids are doing our balloon release so get ready and catch all of our love when they reach you. We love and miss you so much with each passing day, month and year.


Dad, Mom, zachary and kaitlyn

03-14-2010 10:58 AM -- By: Debbie,  From: Myrtle Beach, SC  

Sweet Christina, I know your Mom and family are missing you so much, coming up on 3 years of being without you. Please send them some hugs and kisses. Hugging you and all of them. In my prayers as always.....Debbie H.

02-18-2010 8:04 PM -- By: zachary hinds,  From: saginaw,Michigan  


01-23-2010 6:21 PM -- By: zachary hinds,  From: saginaw,MI  


           & nbsp;          

I miss u alot.

12-27-2009 1:10 AM -- By: Kerry C,  From: Southern New Jersey, USA  

Dearest Christina, after such a valiant battle in the short time you had here on Earth, I hope you have found peace & have been rewarded with all the love & happiness you gave to others. Autoimmune diseases & disorders are very rough to contend with, for those who suffer with them as well as for their family & friends too, this I know all too well. I am sad & awful sorry for your not being here for too long, but I am very glad that you have made a difference in your short life & know, in my heart, that you will be remembered by those whose knew you, or even just spent a little while with. Rest in peace Christina & I send warm, loving hugs to your family & friends.

To those who are reading this: please donate money or time to help make Scleroderma & other autoimmune diseases & disorders a thing of the past by helping to find a cure or a preventative. Even doing something as simple as answering e-mails & phone calls, or sending out mailers for local support chapters (you can find local chapters for a few foundations, such as www.scleroderma.org/chapter.shtm or www.lupus.org/chapters most support groups can usually found online by typing the name of the disease followed by ".org"), or baking or making crafts to sell at fund raisers can help more than you realize. If nothing else, do something nice to help others (animals included) in memory of Miss Christina or a family member or friend of your own that was lost too soon. I never knew Christina or her friends or family personally, but her short life story has reminded me to be thankful for even my most trying times & although by most standards I am far from being financially rich, but my heart & soul is full of love & appreciation of what I have & wanting to do all I can to help others while I am able to do so. If unable to do anything else, may those who have read this send some love, kndness & "good vibes" to Christina's family & friends. Love is eternal...

08-13-2009 1:35 PM -- By: Latasha Patton,  From: Saginaw  



It was fun to have met you you were a angle. You wil really be missed.

07-04-2009 9:27 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Happy 4th of July Christina,

It has been a day of sadness and joy.

Missing our 4th of july with you and then celebrating with kaitlyn we watched the fireworks at our normal spot in bay city. I was told today by a family member that doesnt matter much that i have lost it due to grieving for a child, but let that some person have there child die and see where they will be at.

I miss you so much, your beautiful smile, you great inner person and the most hugging good morning and good night.

I love you dear.



07-04-2009 7:32 AM -- By: Ellen,  From: RonniesMom  

Happy 4th of July Christina.  Shower mom with your Angel hugs and kisses today.

06-30-2009 1:20 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

Christina, a very special angel and a very special birthday wish. blessings as you remember Christina today.


06-30-2009 9:35 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Happy Birthday my beautiful angel. Today in earthly years you would have been 24 years old.  You are missed and loved so much. You are never forgotten in our daily lifes you are always a part when we wake up and a part of our night. May you dance in the heavens and celebrate with all angels today.  People may steal your earthly items but one thing that cant steal is our love and memories of you. I love you and miss you so much. Love, Mom

06-30-2009 12:57 AM -- By: renee,  From:  

happy birthday beautiful angel...

06-28-2009 7:14 PM -- By: Elaine Stanislow,  From: Garnet Valley, PA  

I am so sorry for your loss!!

06-20-2009 6:15 AM -- By: VICKI BYRD,  From: SARDIS TN  

05-20-2009 7:49 PM -- By: Tiffany Culver,  From: Saginaw, MI  

A beautiful flower , A ray of sunshine, A  symbol of hope and love, She was so strong, brave, and young. May my prayers and deepest sorrows, be with with and guide you along the way.  from my family to yours,    Tiffany

04-12-2009 10:00 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Happy Easter Christina,

I miss seeing you get so excited watching Zachary and Kaitlyn getting to see there easter baskets. I know you are watching us from above and i know you where close to us today as we were making our trip back home you left us a penny from heaven. I miss  you so much and can remember taking you, justin and megan to easter egg hunts and coloring eggs and waiting for easter morning to see what the easter bunny dropped off. I hope you found some golden eggs in heaven but it is one day closier to seeing you again. I love you dearly...


Love, Mom

03-21-2009 12:02 PM -- By: Elissa Smith Cara's Mom,  From: Louisiana  

Hi Christina,

I just wanted to say that your tribute to your dad is very moving... Many of us never take the time to tell those special people in our lives how much they mean to us... I know your words were a gift to your dad.  Give Cara a hug for me and you girls behave yourselves... Ms Elissa Cara's Mom

03-18-2009 9:15 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

My beautiful christina,

Hello sweetheart, today has marked 2 years since you entered your spiritual life. Once when you were still here with us, you were so worried that when you where gone that you would forever be forgotten. That is so not possible, there is not a day or moment for that matter that goes by that we dont speak of you, or look at your beautiful face. How we wished things could have been different, i would have moved heaven and earth to make that happen to have you with us. I hope you felt our love coming right up to you. You are my shining star when i look at the dark of the night, You are my budding flowers in the spring.

I still miss you and love you


02-06-2009 6:27 PM -- By: Janice,  From: Maine  

You were blessed to care for an angel. Now you are doubly blessed to be in her care.

God blesses you and holds you in His Loving Care 



01-20-2009 10:40 AM -- By: Edith,  From: Phila,PA  

Hi Christina,I'm a  friend of  ur Moms & also have a son here  on VM.I've  read  all the stories  & hear ur  Mom speak  of  u..Do U know how much  u meant to  so many people?? U did so  mich  in ur short life..Mom is  so proud of  u,but  u know  that..Stay close  to  ur family..Let them feel  ur love..Fly High Young Angel..


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